Monday, June 25, 2007

What's this all about?

About the book

Behind the Naugahyde is the hottest book that hasn't been published. Hilarious yet intelligent, Behind the Naugahyde has something in it for everyone - from the lowly workers, to the boss, or even the independently wealthy - this has it all. Get the insider's view without doing any of the work!

Jenni Lamb and Ashley Shaffier are the authors of Behind the Naugahyde and When they aren't going "Office Space" on broken vacuums, they enjoy shoe shopping, laughing at dorky puns, and of course, writing. Both Jenni and Ashley are freelance writers with a variety of publications.

About Ashley

Ashley Shaffier currently works as the manager of an independent shoe store in Okemos, MI. She is a student at Lansing Community College and attends just for the joy of learning! She has worked in customer service for seven years as a waitress, bartender and sales associate. While her credentials are not nearly as impressive as Jenni's, Ashley greatly enjoys her life of Bohemia and she would quit her job to pursue writing full-time if she didn't have to feed her wonderful dog, Kreeg.

In addition to co-authoring her first novel, Ashley is also working on her first comic book series. She has had short stories published in the September 2006 issue of Writer's Post Journal and in the May 2005 and November 2005 issues of the e-zine, Pandora's Gate. Ashley received second place in the 2005 short fiction category of the LCC L.A.N.D. writing competition. She also writes a blog that shares her tales of writing.

When Ashley is not writing she enjoys comic books, novels and movies. Her hobbies also include learning to play the guitar, dancing, painting and lots of other fun stuff.

About Jenni

Jenni Lamb teaches ninth grade English and tenth grade American Literature in Livonia, MI. A graduate of Michigan State University with a BA in English and a BA in German, she is also certified to teach English as a Second Language. She has worked as a substitute teacher in more than one school district, a resident assistant in the MSU Department of Residence Life, as the assistant manager of an independent shoe store, and as a fitting room attendant at JCPenney.

In addition to regularly blogging, Jenni has written as a content producer for Associated Content. Her poetry has been published in the International Library of Poetry's Touching the Sky, and she placed second in the 2002 OneBook, OneCommunity essay contest. In 2001, Jenni received an Award of Excellence for Feature Writing and two Honorable Mentions in the Poetry and Essay categoriesin the Detroit Free Press Writing Awards. In 2005, Jenni wrote her senior honors thesis, "The Power and Apprehension of Narration; an Experimental Thesis on Experimental Literature," exploring the role of gender in experimental writing.

Besides writing, Jenni's hobbies include photography, concerts, and gardening. She is an avid reader and was a finalist in the 2006 MSU Libraries Book Collection Competition. Jenni is a vegan and enjoys spending time with her family and her three cats. She also loves to write Ashley ridiculously long emails, because Ashley kicks thirty-seven different kinds of booty.

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